• Homecoming

    Show your Tiger spirit and join us next week in the following spirit days.

    Too 'merica Tuesday
    Would you be my friend if I wore this Wednesday?
    Superhero Thursday
    Tiger Friday
  • Liberty Blood Drive

    H.Saad, Oct 22, 2014

    The Oklahoma Blood Institute brought the blood mobile to collect donations from students and staff. Pictured below are some of the people who graciously donated their blood.

    1 blood
  • Teen Read Week Characters

    M. Atwell Oct. 2014

    These students listed dressed up as thier favorite book characters for Teen read week:

    Tray Freeman- Shadowhunter (City of Bones)
    Kylie Atwell- Hazel Grace (The Fault in our Stars)
    Leah Lagunas- Tinkerbell
    Xowie Edwards- Anna (Magic Treehouse) 
    Tamara Edwards -  Mrs Hamilton (Drake Chronicles)
    Marissa Carter - Amelia Bedilia

    M. Atwell Oct. 14

    These outgoing students dressed up for Too 'merica Tuesday for homecoming spirit week.

  • Liberty Story Time

    H.Saad, Oct. 2014

    On October 24th, children under four that do not attend Liberty Schools are welcome to take part in the first Story Time at the Elementary Library. Meetings are held at 8:15 AM every Friday as long as school is in session. Each meeting is about 30 minutes long. The children will hear a story, do an art project, and check out a book. The Library looks foward to seeing you there.                                                                                              

     Don't forget the Halloween Tour of the Liberty campus on Friday, October 31st, beginning at 8:15 AM!

  • Book Fair Winners

    H.Saad, Oct 2014

    The following students won a free book from the Book Fair Coloring Contest. Each student colored a variety of things to do with castles. In addition to the coloring contest, the elementary classroom's designed a castle.

    Liberty would like to thank Ms. Howell, who judged the entries, and all the volunteers who made the book fair possible.

    A winner was chosen from each class:

     AM Pre-K: Mayce Bell,  PM Pre-K: Jaida Malone,  Jarman: Emma Sligar, Means: Braylen Bear, Hess: Hailey Forest, Beverley: Emily Rojas, Barrows: Olivia Caughron, Cotrell: Marley Kane, Baker: Jerick Sims, Davis: Lizzie Hurley, Carver: Morina Akeen, Ritchie: Raegan Hula, Craig: Jaida Cargil,  Green: Dillon Vaughn, Collier: Halle Saad, Broadhead: Aubrey Auld.

    Best Castle Winners: Jarman, Barrows and Baker. 

    The students below were crowned King and Queen because of their good attitude, behavior, and listening skills:

    PK  PM  1  1  2  3    123423  GRGRG     

  • FCCLA Jewelry Fundraiser



  • Mythology

    October 2014

    Mrs. Albrecht's Pre AP class worked in groups to summarize common mythology stories to present to the class. Hallie S. & Abbey F. created not only complete summaries of Odysseus' journey but vividly memorable ones that resonated with the rest of the class.

    Ismarus.mov Cyclopeses.mov
    Laestrygonian%20.mov Aean%20Isle.mov
    Scylla.mov Charybdis%20.mov
  • Star Students

    S. Madero, Sept 2014

  • FFA Cattle Grading

    H. Saad, October 2014

    On September 17th, FFA went to the Bristow Cattle Grading. There were 445 competitors and 133 teams. Liberty came in 14th  place, where the two highest scoring individuals were: Dylan Waltman, placing 4th and Trent Mayberry, taking 16th.

    Tulsa State Fair Cattle Grading took place on September 30th, with 820 competitors and 225 teams. Liberty came in 25th place. Tyler Cottom, with 69th place, and Connor Sieland, with 82nd place, were the two highest scoring individuals. Both competitions were a blast and very educational.


  • Little League Homecoming 

    J. Nation  October 2014

    At the 1st and 2nd grade little league homecoming, the young boys and girls voted for a king. The result was a tie between Bobby Ray Baker and Isiah Post, so both were crowned. The young cheerleaders sparkled as each of them were also acknowledged.`

    Don't miss the Last Little League Game!

    The last home football game is October 18th.  This will also be the "pink out" game.  1st/2nd grade will play at 10:00 a.m. and 3rd/4th grade will play at 11:30 a.m.




    On Tuesday, September 30th, Seniors and AP Juniors went to the OSU-IT College Fair.  They were able to talk with many College reps, ask questions and sign up for more information about the Colleges they were interested in.  It was a great opportunity for those seniors who will be heading off to College next year!