Sports Banquet     May 6 at 6 PM in Cafeteria     Advance Tickets $8 Adult $6 Child     Tickets at the door $10 Adult $8 Child  

  • Spring Beauty

    Some 5th & 6th graders helped Mrs. Barrows plant flowers in front of the Fifth and Sixth Grade Center.

    Chris and Gage

    David and Brandon

  • First Grade visited the Jasmine Moran Children's Museum for a day of fun and exploration 

  • Chemistry

    Chemisty class studied endo and exothermic reactions to learn the right way to play with fire.

  • Tulsa Engineering Challenge


    The high school STEM Science classes recently attended the Tulsa Engineering Challenge following weeks of preparation for the different competitions.

    Megan and Parker look disappointed before learning they placed second in the mousetrap ping pong ball launcher competition.

    Ashley and Ashleigh prepare their paper airplane for competition.

    Danielle and Caitlyn chuckle over the bend in their bridge.

    Kyle and Carson show off their toothpick bridge.

    Mikey packages his egg before dropping it from upstairs.

    Nate and Dylan wait in line to have their bridge tested.

    Josie and Zander wait for the judge's comments after tossing their egg over the rail.

    Jordan drops pennies into his aluminum foil boat.